Because hackers too need to play with balls


Zaz is a game where the player has to get rid of incoming balls by arranging them in triplets. The idea of the game is loosely based on games like Luxor, Zuma and Puzzle Bobble. The twists that make Zaz stand out from other games of this type are that the balls have to be picked from the path (insted of being randomly assigned for the player) and that the player's "vehicle" is also attached to a path which is different from level to level.

But one thing makes this game stand out most from it's predecessors - it's free as in freedom ! You are free to download it, free to play it, free to modify, love and hate it.


Code, graphics and design - Remigiusz Dybka

Music - Leonard Ritter (paniq)

Quality assurance - Kinga Dybka

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